Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 6

August 19 – Not my best workout. I slept in this morning as it's my day off, and didn't start my workout till around 11am. I made sure to hydrate a bit, and prepared a protein shake to sip just in case. Didn't want the cramps to come back, and they didn't. Yay! But my energy was really low. I used the 12lb with every round except the Lunges, and took advantage of all 1 min breaks. Heart rate went up to 171 with the Flip and Squats (yes, I do flip the kb!), but stayed within 150 to 168 the rest of the time. Using 12lb more gave my arms a major workout overall, which was great. The One Arm Rows were really tough, though, with 12lb. I couldn't finish the last 15 seconds, but am looking forward to that improving. Great for the triceps!

#1 lesson learned throughout the past 5 weeks – Listen to your body!

August 22 – Yeah, not liking early morning workouts right now. My digestive system is still processing and I have no energy in the mornings these days. Must figure this out. I'm shifting my diet with better portion control and combining proteins, good fats, and complex carbs as much as possible. However, I did have ice cream on Thurs. I admit it. It was an emotional decision, which I've accepted and moved on from, but we are scheduled to have a mass amount of food at work on Sunday, so I'm going to have to work really hard not to over eat that day. Mexican food and yummy deserts. Oi!

As for my work out this morning, I'm keeping with the 12lb except for Lunges. Though this time I went back to 9lb for the One Arm Rows too. I tend to do more reps in the Triple Crush and Seated Press than Beth and Anthony do, so by round 13 my arms have a tough time pulling that 12lb up and back for the full set of rows. The 9lb seems to do the trick for now, as I can keep pace with Beth and Anthony and pump the heart to a high zone level. My heart rate went up to 173 for the Figure 8 round. With the 12lb I was hard pressed to get through it this morning. Could have been due to my low energy this morning. We'll see how it goes next time.

1. Swings – 12lb
2. Cleans – 12lb
3. One Arm Chest Press – 12lb
4. Squats/Sumo Dead Lifts – 12lb
5. One Leg Dead Lifts – 12lb
6. Windmill/Overhead Squat – 12lb
7. Clean & Press – 12lb
8. High Pull & Squat (w/ flip) – 12lb
9. Tactical Lunges – 9lb
10. Triple Crush – 12lb
11. Figure 8 to Static Hold – 12lb
12. Seated Press – 12lb
13. One Arm Rows – 9lb
14. Abs – 12lb
Bonus – snatch test – 12lb

August 24 – Oi! Diet got off track a bit this weekend. Lots of stress at work and I let it affect my eating. Ugh! Saturday was fine, and I did very well during the first half of the day on Sunday - small portions, properly combining protein, fats and carbs... but then... the cakes came out. I had one piece of chocolate cake and one piece of cheese cake. Crash and burn! I think if I had waited a bit longer after my well proportioned meal to have the cakes I wouldn't have felt so bad. However, 2 pieces of cake is not good! Of course, by the time I got home and was winding down for the evening, I started having hunger pangs. But I felt I had already over extended myself on the calories (even as empty as some were) for the day, that I just had a bit of yogurt and a vitamin drink.

This morning I was dragging! I tried to stay focused on the workout I would be doing this evening, just to get me through the day, thinking that would make me feel better. However, I indulged again and had another piece of cheesecake, left over from Sunday's feast. I admit it. Ice cream, cookies and cheesecake are my 3 greatest weaknesses.

Anyhoo, except for the cheesecake, I stuck to my small meals of protein, fats, carbs for the rest of the day. Come workout time, though, I felt my system was still too focuses on digestion, so it made me feel a bit sluggish while working out. My heart rate stayed pretty consistently in the upper range of my zone, without going over the max. I used the 9lb for the Lunges still, plus the One Arm Rows. Then when I got to the Bonus round I was just too pooped to used the 12lb. I didn't want to skip it, though, so I used the 9lb, putting as much energy as I had left into every rep. I focused on form and using my lower body muscles as if it were the 12lb. I felt good in the end.

This next week I really need to stay focused on my diet and detoxing.

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