Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have been overweight all my life. I have tried numerous “diets” and exercise programs over the years and none have worked. A big part of that “failure” came from my own psychology and poor self image, but most often the programs were not ones I could maintain and/or completely believe in. Often times it was simply a matter of getting bored with them.

Over a month ago I was introduced to the Kettlebell workout through the self promotional efforts of Beth Chamberlin, an actress currently appearing on the US soap opera Guiding Light. She claimed that working with the kettlebell system for the past couple years changed not only her body but her life as well. I read her website,, and promptly purchased both the dvd’s she is currently selling, plus a 12 lb kettlebell. A few weeks later, my purchases arrived and I began my journey.

While communicating with Beth via Twitter, and thanks to her continued encouragement and guidance, I decided to keep a journal of my progress, thus the creation of this blog. I am not an egotist. I simply believe, after 2 ½ weeks of working with Beth’s dvd #1, this is by far the best workout I’ve ever experienced, and more importantly, one I can maintain and never get bored with. A very daring claim at such an early stage in my progress, but one I intend to prove accurate. This blog will tell the tale.

Through this journal I hope to encourage and enlighten all those interested in the program. There are many dvd’s and in-person trainers out there, specializing in kettlebell workouts. I find Beth and Anthony’s dvd’s to be extremely user friendly and non-intimidating. But do your own research and find what works for you. In addition to Beacon Fitness, you can check out Anthony’s own website

I in no way claim to be a kettlebell expert! This site is not intended to train or instruct, merely to encourage. I realize that kettlebells may not be for everyone, so find the program and trainers that work for you. I am merely sharing my own personal experiences with this particular kettlebell workout – mostly for my own benefit of tracking my progress. However, if I am able to inspire someone to try this program and see for themselves how it can benefit them, mores the better.

Thanks for reading!

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