Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 3

July 30 – Yay! I solved my KB problem. I realized my heart rate was getting too high during some rounds w/ the 12 lb, causing me to fizzle out at times. I bought a HR monitor and a 9lb KB, and my workout today was amazing! Still using 12lb for the arm/shoulder rounds (except for 1 Arm Rows), and the rest with the 9lb. Rounds 8 & 9 still pumped that HR too high, so taking it way slow for a while on those, but the rest I could keep up beautifully. Yay! I love the bonus round with the 9lb KB. It allows me to really focus on form – digging those heels in and clenching that butt. ;o)

August 1 – My 3rd workout of the week and it's going brilliantly. The 9lb is letting me go at a faster pace with some rounds. But 9lbs keeps me from pushing my HR too high on those tough ones. Love the 12lb for the arm/shoulder rounds though. I'm working hard to focus on form and doing moves correctly, also consistency of HR in my high zone, just not too high. I can see me gradually working in the 12lb more and more with certain rounds as the 9lb becomes too light.

August 3 – I had a crazy workout tonight. The 9lb KB is already becoming too light. HR wouldn't get up high enough on some rounds. I will try pushing the pace up a bit first. Then I'll gradually test certain rounds with the 12 lb next week. Got thru 8 & 9 for the 1st time! Okay, so I had to take a breather in 8 for a few seconds, and am doing my own version of the Lunges, i.e. veeerrrrry slowly, but excited by the accomplishment of making it past the one minute mark in each of these extremely difficult rounds. Yay!

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