Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 1

I began my KB journey on July 15 when I went through "The Kettlebell Way to Your Perfect Body" dvd tutorial for the first time. I hadn’t done any kind of official exercise in probably over a year’s time, so I went slowly, practicing each move, paying close attention to how my body moved and what muscles were being used. Once the tutorial was over, I felt like I had gone through a complete workout. I hadn’t stretched beforehand, or gone through, as Anthony puts it, joint mobility, so even though I felt great at the time, the next day I could barely walk. I spent the next several days just trying to stretch out and keep my legs from cramping up. I don’t recommend this. ;o) Be sure to stretch your legs, arms and hips before starting your KB workouts. It doesn’t have to be extensive, certainly not to the point of pain. Some discomfort is expected at first as this workout uses muscles you may not be used to using, at least not in this way. Take your time and don’t overdo it.

July 18 and 20 - I worked out with just the tutorial two more times, learning the moves and getting my body used to being active again. I focused on fully engaging my muscles and raising my heart rate, as well as trying to make sure my form was accurate per instructions. I was still going slow, but practicing several reps with each movement, creating muscle memory. With each day of tutorial, and a rest day in between, my soreness dissipated. I was feeling great as my confidence grew and my body began to adjust. I'm using a 12 lb KB. We'll see if it's too much or not once I go through the full workout.

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