Thursday, August 13, 2009

A message from Beth Chamberlin

I received this email from Beth Chamberlin today, after I asked her what makes a great KB program and what makes a KB program not so good. Ultimately, I wanted to share with my readers what makes her and Anthony's program unique.

She said, "the reason I only advocate the DVD’s that Anthony (Art of Strength) or Anthony and I put out is... First, not only are Anthony’s workouts designed to be the most effective and efficient workouts out there, they are also designed to be safe. It is Anthony’s coaching that chiropractors, physical therapists and professional sports team’s strength and conditioning coaches turn to... if people are going to try kettlebell training, I want them to use their time wisely and also use it safely.

[Secondly], Anthony’s work is the only work I will stand behind because it is the only workouts I do. I don’t use any other kb trainers work out there, so I cannot guarantee the results. Will those other workouts bulk you up? Possibly, Anthony’s work will not because it is all about shaping a long lean muscle. Will those other kb workouts burn as much fat as quickly? Many do not because Anthony designed his programs specifically to utilize the findings for what works when it comes to fat burning and muscle building.

There are, unfortunately, some people out there who have put out kb dvd’s that are just using them as if the kb was a regular free weight. In that case, what is the point. There are people out there who have no training in kb work who just want to get in on the wave. (Anthony was in Sweden studying this for 5 yrs before studying here with Paval.) Additionally, there are people out there who have just taken from Anthony’s hard work and called it their own. "

Suffice it to say, I agree with and support what Beth said. Therefore, I can only recommend the dvd's made by Anthony and Beth. Safety, efficiency and effectiveness are the keys to success and their work and experience proves it.


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