Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 5 pt 2

August 17 - Another wonderful workout! I was supposed to workout yesterday (and then again Tues evening), but after a long day on the job, and more intestinal issues (i.e. gas), I decided to focus on some much needed writing last night, instead. This shifted my workout schedule for the week, but it's easily adjustable.

I woke up this morning a bit depressed and discouraged, having missed my KB last night, and still not losing any more weight, but then I thought about the workout I would be doing this evening and it cheered me up. In addition, I continued my reading of Dr Peter Roy's book, "Perfect Body Made Simple" (I highly recommend it!), and by coincidence I was on the chapter which says that scales and our "weight" do not really mean much when it comes to measuring one's progress in this program. So that made me feel even better. I could hardly concentrate on work today, while anticipating the glorious 40 mins of KB to come this evening. Truly bizarre! I have never looked forward to working out this much in my entire life. It's a miracle!

Since my heart rate seems well under control this week, I decided to jump to the 12lb for almost the entire time. It went brilliantly! HR never went over 168, and usually stayed around 158, which means I could still pump it up even more next week. Awesome!! I'm still slow paced on round 8, but managed to get through it with 12lb bell. Woohoo! Of course, that left me really pushing it with the Tactical Lunges, even with the 9lb. Ugh! My legs could barely push me up after final lunge. I dropped to the floor in a crumbled heap. But then back up for crushes after the minute break and all was well to the end. It seems my recovery time between rounds is astonishingly good. I just need to continue working on supporting my lower back during all the squat rounds, as it still gets a bit achy.

I'm using less and less break time in between rounds. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I want to keep my HR up to a fairly consistent level for the full 40 mins (or however long it takes me now). To do that, I gave my legs and lower back a quick rest, when needed, and then on to the next round. After rounds 1-4 I didn't take any breaks at all. Then after the intense hump of rounds 6-9 (taking full 1 min breaks between them), I took 30 sec breaks in between 10-13. Seemed to work well enough.

I find it fascinating that the Bonus Snatch Test is one of my favorite parts of the workout. I'm all limber, yet muscles full engaged, back strong, butt clenched, legs revitalized... I actually catch a second wind during it, so by the time I'm done, I feel like a million bucks, with energy to spare! I have never experienced that in any other workout regime, which just goes to show how amazingly well designed Anthony's program is. Outstanding!!

1. Swings – 12lb
2. Cleans – 12lb
3. One Arm Chest Press – 12lb (need 15lb)
4. Squats/Sumo Dead Lifts – 12lb
5. One Leg Dead Lifts – 12lb
6. Windmill/Overhead Squat – 12lb
7. Clean & Press – 12lb
8. High Pull & Squat (w/ flip) – 12LB
9. Tactical Lunges – 9lb (OMG! DED!!)
10. Triple Crush – 12lb (need 15lb)
11. Figure 8 to Static Hold – 12lb
12. Seated Press – 12lb
13. One Arm Rows – 9lb (will do 12lb next time)
14. Abs – 12lb
Bonus – snatch test – 12lb

Fourth Week measurement update: After 4 weeks of doing the full KB workout I have lost a total of... drum roll......... 6 ¾ inches and 5 lbs!! Woohoo!! Now that I'm reading Dr Roy's book, I will be measuring body fat reduction too, so look for that at the end of my second month.

Spread the KB Love!!

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  1. Hi Sam.

    I've been reading the blog and I'm happy that you've made such progress. Like you, I enjoy doing the workout. I usually get to round 11 or 12 before I start thinking about the time.

    My favorites so far are the Russian Twist and the Figure 8 to Static Hold. The most difficult are the Tactical Lunges and the One Leg Dead Lift (my balance is terrible).

    One thing that you do that I'm thinking about incorporating into my program is monitoring my heart rate. I usually just go through the workout with a 10lb weight. I usually do okay, but I think it's a good idea to keep an eye on my HR.

    Thanks for your words and thoughts.