Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 2

July 22 – Went through my first full workout. I managed to get to the end, however, I couldn’t get through the One Leg Dead Lifts. My lower back wouldn’t let me. I could only get through one minute of the next round (Windmill/Overhead Squat). Thank God for the Clean & Press round, allowing me to rest my legs and back a bit. However, rounds 8 and 9 nearly killed me. Barely got through a minute each. Between each round I was flat on my back trying to relieve the pressure in my lower back, only getting a break again with the Triple Crush (arm curls/pulls). The Seated Press helped as well. As tough as it was, I anticipate great improvement with each workout. I love it because it's a challenging, full body workout through almost the whole 40 minutes... best I've ever experienced.

July 25 – I got through my second full workout this morning. Did so much better! I'm glad I took a week with just the tutorial, because even after my first real session on Weds, I was not sore the next day. This time around my lower back did okay. It helps to clench the butt cheeks, especially on the way up from the squats. My only major problem round was the lunges. Can't get through it, but I have faith it will come in time. I love the progression of the rounds from simple moves aimed to get the heart pumping, with a bit of arm work thrown in, building up to the high intensity of rounds 8 & 9 (High Pull/Squat & Tactical Lunges), then tapering off with more arm work mixed with aerobic/abdominal work. Perfect! Got some advice from Beth regarding my lower back issue, which kicks in mainly due to the squats. So next time, I'm making sure to focus on sticking my butt out going down on the squats, pulling up with the butt clenched, and digging into the floor with the heel the whole time.

July 28 – Workout #3 DONE! Round 8 & 9 KILL ME, which makes 10 & 11 God sends! Love them. Worked on digging in with the heels and sticking butt out, then pulling up with tight butt muscles. It worked wonders. Thanks Beth!! I can feel my back getting stronger every day. My posture is improving big time. Checked the scale and lost 5 lbs. Not focused on the weight loss yet, as I'm strengthening my muscles, which are heavier than fat, but nice to see a bit of progress being made in that area.

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