Saturday, May 8, 2010

5/8/10 – KB Restart: Week 1

I did my first Kettlebell workout in over a month this past Tues morning. I got through everything except the Lunges. I didn’t even try. My heart rate was too high during the Flip and Squat, so I thought it best to move on to the less heart pounding 2nd half of the workout. I got through it well, and even took a walk that afternoon during my lunch break at work. However, the next morning I could barely stand, let alone walk. My thighs were dreadfully sore for the remainder of the week. In fact, they didn’t feel normal again until this morning. How lucky is that? This morning was my next scheduled KB workout.

I got through this morning’s workout pretty well. I even did the Lunges... very slowly, but I did not do the Bonus Round. I did a few extra ab crunches on my exercise ball instead. On Tues it was my legs that were most fatigued at the end. This morning it was my arms that were ready to drop off. Next time I must double check to make sure that I am working the kb during Swings, Cleans, and Squats, etc more from my legs and butt instead of my arms and back. This afternoon I took my usual walk at lunch time and my felt okay.

Adjusted Behavioral Approach:

This time around, I feel better armed with knowledge and strategies to overcome my short comings and obstacles. I have a clearer goal in mind, and tools to keep me focused and motivated, thanks to the powerful combination of the Lean for Life program and the Kettlebell workouts.

The biggest strategy I have is simply to remind myself how amazing I feel while I’m on the program and doing my KB. When I go back to my old habits, I feel moody, short tempered, and depressed, with low self-esteem and lots of guilt. I feel like nothing is possible so why even bother. When I am on the program and working out regularly, I have more energy than I know what to do with, and everything I want seems not only possible, but meant to be.

Along with this better sense of awareness, I intend to do more of the assignments given in the Lean for Life book, beyond just the day it is given, especially the mental visualization types of exercises. I want to incorporate more the LFL tools into my daily life. I need these tools and behaviors to become habits, replacing my old, bad ones.

The fact is that I am a sugar-oholic. Sugar is my “drug” of choice. I don’t drink alcohol that much, I don’t smoke, or take drugs other than ibuprofen. But the minute I consume processed sugars, either in actual sugar form or in highly processed grain products, my whole body chemistry changes. I can’t get enough of the stuff. My mood immediately plummets, I feel like crap (physically and emotional), and yet it is near impossible to stop myself from continuing down that spiral decent. I usually have to hit bottom before I am able to adjust and get back to more healthy eating.

However, over the past few months, I have seen how quickly I can change these behavioral patterns and keep myself from dropping to the depths of my addiction. If I splurge on occasion, as long as I get right back to basics again in my next meal or the next day, and continue on from there, I’m usually fine and can stay the course there after. It’s when I start splurging on a regular basis that my equilibrium is threatened, and my ability to make healthy choices is diminished. I suffer from the “just one won’t hurt me” syndrome. A very dangerous mindset that I am working hard to get rid of.

Same is true of working out. If I miss one session I’m fine as long as I commit and get back to working out at the earliest possible opportunity – preferably within the next two days. However, the longer I wait to do my next workout, the harder it is to stay committed to my schedule. I get lazy again, grabbing any and all excuses not to workout. This too effects my mood and decision making abilities.

Live and Learn and Apply. It is one thing to read books and learn how to do something, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you apply it to your life and do the work. The more I apply what I’m learning, even if I get it wrong, I grow in my understanding through experience. I am able to adapt and adjust better with each passing day.

Most importantly, I must do the work or nothing will ever happen, and my goals will not be obtained. There are no quick fixes, only hard work. Accept and embrace the work, do your part in what needs to be done, and the rest will take care of itself. Genius!

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